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JMS Services is proud to exclusively offer AXIOM, a new line of heating and air conditioning equipment that is designed specifically for the Northwest Ohio Area.

Customized Equipment with Specifications Designed for our Unique Climate…. at a price you can Afford!


171346_03 SSX_GSC_SSZ_GSH_hUnlike household appliances that you simply take home and plug in, heating and air conditioning systems are much more complex. The outside components much be matched to the components located inside the house. Mismatched components may work for a while but will use more energy and reduce the equipment lifespan. The design of the system can also be affected by a number of house specific factors including humidity, insulation, and widow orientation… just to name a few.

JMS Services has worked with a domestic manufacturer operating in an ISO 9000 factory to produce products that are engineered and specifically designed for Ohio. Climate varies dramatically across the country and manufacturers tend to build one-size-fits-all products. Our conditions are unique enough that JMS Services decided to design a system that is engineered specifically for Northwest Ohio and named it AXIOM. Better yet, these systems can be and are fully customizable to fit the needs of each home perfectly. These products are available only through JMS Services.

AXIOM is affordable! Because the manufacturer simply manufactures to spec, costs are less and we pass the savings along to you!

For more information on the new AXIOM line of heating and air conditioning equipment, or for a complementary engineering analysis of your home or business, Call us today 419-636-3739

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