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Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Service

Cable Drain Cleaning For Bryan, OH and the surrounding Tri-State Area

Drain cleaning service is not just a matter of manpower; you need the right equipment to unclog a drain as well. At JMS Services, we have every drain cleaning machine from small hand snakes to drain machines capable of cleaning big sewer mains. One of our most powerful and flexible machines is the cable drain cleaning machine (also known as a "Drain Snake").

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The cable drain cleaning machines clean the drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments on the end of the cable aid in the cleaning process by scraping, boring, cutting and retrieving the pipe blockage. Each type of pipe blockage requires the proper size cable and cutting head.

Not just anyone can use these machines to their full drain cleaning potential. It takes experienced, qualified technicians, and JMS Services has them.